Michael Bievetski

Entrepreneur & Investor

Michael was born in Moscow and moved to Germany in 2000. There he grew up in average conditions (including a mouldy apartment in a bad neighborhood of Hannover) and attended - despite recommendations for secondary school - the Gymnasium. When he then failed in the Abitur examinations, the dream of studying shattered. However, he decided on another path of education. He ended up in a bank, where the first foundations of financial education were laid. When he delivered very good results in his training, he received training at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management as part of a junior management training programme.

But even during his training, which he successfully completed as a banker (IHK) and investment consultant (FSFM), it was clear to him that a nine-to-five job was out of the question.

In addition to his job, he built up an automotive and lifestyle magazine that had established itself very strongly over the years and entered into cooperations with brands such as Bentley, McLaren and Aston Martin. In addition to setting up this company, he began his business studies and founded an influencer marketing and social media agency, which he sold shortly before graduating. At the same time, he was involved in other ventures, including artificial intelligence, and has advised them on various topics since 2012.

While his studies were in their final stages and Michael had his first successes in his eCommerce venture in the meantime, he started to deal with the topic of real estate. He quickly realized that this was the key to the financial and local freedom he had been seeking since his education. Despite his successes in the companies, he quickly realized that he wanted to decouple his time from his income after 150 flights had accumulated in 2014.

When a seven-figure real estate portfolio finally accumulated in 2016, his first friends began to ask about financial freedom strategies. "Should I rather invest in equities? I don't even have any seed capital for a property", were questions he heard every week. Although he spent some time in day trading of partly speculative investments such as options during his studies, the recommendation for "newcomers" in passive income was rarely in the securities sector.

This passive income from real estate and some other areas allows Michael to travel a lot (in 2018: more than half a year), attend conferences and continue his education. His hobbies include good food, inspiring conversations, beautiful beaches and fast cars.

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